Online Management Services


OMS is pleased to announce that we will be continuing with Airport and Cruise Valet Parking Services. Services that are more flexible, reliable, have more Payment methods (To suite everyone) and more value for your money. We look forward to be of service to you.

OMS has also partnered with  to give Clients access to Credit when needed for parking, other vehicle related expenses like much needed repairs, new tyres or even non Vehicle expenses. Click on the MobiCred logo to find out how it works.

OMS, an online booking service, provides you with a facility to book your valet parking and pay online, for Airport or Cruise Valet Parking. OMS uses only Valet Parking Companies that are reliable, have secure premises and are fully Insured as Service Providers. We provide you with peace of mind when travelling, knowing that all  reasonable precautions have been taken and are in place for the care of your vehicle whilst you are away. We further ensure punctuality and professionalism of our Service Providers and invite you the Client to contact OMS immediately if anything is not to your satisfaction. This way we will be able to investigate and solve problem areas before they become to big to solve.

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